How to Punish Your Sub

As a newer Dom, you might not be sure when it’s appropriate to punish your submissive. We’ve been trained to see punishments as a consequence for doing something way out of line, but what does that mean for someone who is meant to completely serve you? Is out of line ironing the clothes wrong, or leaving the house when they’re not supposed to? The answer is that it’s really up to you. The best way to tell when a sub is being bad is to set up a list of rules. If they break these rules, they need to be punished. It’s as simple as that. So how do you carry out the punishment? Reviews on fetish dating sites have plenty of personal advice for punishment to give you some ideas of your own. Or you can try some classics.

When Dealing with a Run-of-the-mill Sub

“Tie her up”

A run-of-the-mill sub is a person who has no history of abuse or pain fetishes. For them, spanking, flogging, whipping, or paddling will give them a measurable pain to gauge their punishment from. A standard number of hits would be around 20 for starters. Use one of these forms of hitting as a first part of their chastisement. As with the justice system, you’ve got to make the punishment fit the crime. Don’t make him or her scrub the floor with a toothbrush if they didn’t do the dishes like you told them to. The message will be more confusing and less effective.

When Dealing with a Pain Slut

“Show her what pain really feels like – but keep things under control”

A pain slut is a sub that loves to be physically hurt. The idea of being spanked or whipped as punishment actually turns them on, so they might go about trying to purposely undermine their masters in order to get punished. The ideal way to deal with a pain slut is to absolutely withhold any physical pain for a fixed period of time. You have to stick to this, or they will realize that you aren’t going to hold your end of the deal and undermine you again. Instead of hurting them, you can add more household chores or make them sit on the floor, but really the withholding of their precious pain ought to be enough.

When Dealing with Subs from Abusive Relationships

While the beginner Dom might think that a person who came from a broken relationship might respond very well to spankings and whips since they fear them so much, they’d be completely wrong. It’s just cruel to terrorize your pet, and if you’re going to legitimately scare them they’re going to withdraw from you. A Dom is nothing without his or her submissive to care for and punish. The punishment you will dole out is to guide your bottom back onto the right path that you have chosen for them, not to make them fear you. You may not know it, but subs actually revere their masters and look to them as a role model. Master doesn’t mean the old-school slavery master from the south with abuse and torture,it means a teacher and companion to that sub who trusts you. While you do get sexual pleasure from them as well, you are also setting their life up for their benefit as well as yours. Instead of physically punishing them take away privileges or time away from you. That will punish them more than any physical pain.

Creative Punishments

“You can tie her up with wires and other stuff”

Something more creative than spanking or spending time away from the submissive is to make them do something uncomfortable. Standing against a wall with a coin held between their nose and it grows to be annoying. While it starts out boring, eventually it will become unbearably boring and their legs, back, and neck will ache. For more pain added to their discomfort have them kneel on a bed of rice. Get a cookie sheet for the oven and fill it with plain white rice. If your slave has orgasm without permission or touched themselves while you’re gone, fit the punishment to the crime. Have them repeat the transgression by masturbating over and over again, each time Cumming until it’s painful for them.
Sometimes the crime is far more serious than forgetting to do the laundry or messing with their nether regions while you’re gone. If they’ve stormed off or challenged you often you can go with a more painful punishment (if you don’t have a pain slut). A natural and safe way to dole out the pain is to peel an inch long piece of ginger root and have the sub stick it up their ass. While it doesn’t sound particularly painful (it’s not that big or thick) it hurts more than you’d think. The juice of the ginger is extremely painful when it comes into contact with the anal lining but won’t hurt your sub. Tell them to keep it in them until you command to take it out.

The Hardest Punishment of All

“Do not let her please you”

By far the most excruciating trial for a sub to go through would be to go through their day without their privileges. We’re not talking television or dancing, but more the household chores, bathing their master, and dressing him. Anything that they do to serve their dominant is the pride of their life, and to see him or her doing her own dishes, dressing, and laundry. For a sub they mean nothing if they aren’t absolutely serving their master. At least one day should pass this way, more if you can stand it and it fits the level of the crime.

How to Know If it Fits the Crime

“Punish according to the crime”

If you’re not sure the punishment that you’ve planned fits the crime that happened, then check. Head to a fetish dating site and review some of the other dom’s punishments. Consider joining the site and publish your own scenes to get some feedback from veteran dominants. Fetish dating sites often have individual forums for different categories of BDSM so hopefully you’ll find something. In larger cities there are actually groups of Doms and subs that come together and discuss different topics. Talking about your sub’s offense will embarrass them even further. You can also check the top dating sites for comments. Read great fetish dating website reviews and steer clear of scam reviews when you are planning online humiliation for your Sub.

Things to Consider

“Don’t go overboard – keep a clear head”

When you’re planning out punishment scenes for your bottom, keep in mind that you need to do it with a clear head. Never come up with something while you’re upset, just walk away. Not only will your sub be sad and ashamed that they’ve upset you, you’ll get time to calm down. Have them get on all fours and command that they stay that way until you return.
When you’re starting out and are making reprimands for your bottom, you’re bound to make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them as they go. The best way to do this is to keep a dom journal. In this you can write down the penalty and the result of it. How did your bottom react? Was it effective? Did it go too far? Are there any other ideas that come from it? You can also keep a list of all of the rules that you have for the house in there and use it as reference when you need to. Just make sure that every time you update it you let your sub know so that he or she doesn’t break them accidentally.

Can a Swingers Party Help Your Relationship?

As the swinging lifestyle gains more visibility, more people are opening up to the possibilities of non-traditional marriages, in which couples openly explore having sex with other people together. Studies are showing that swinging doesn’t have the detrimental effects on marriage that were once believed to be inevitable side effects of the lifestyle. But can going to a swingers party actually help your relationship? Yes!

Can a Swingers Party Help Your Relationship -1

Redefine marriage and commitment

Become a Swinger and Enjoy the Freedom of Exploration

To become a swinger is to begin to redefine marriage and commitment. Marriage doesn’t have to mean monogamy, and you can be fully committed to your partner and still swing. Learn more about this at In fact, many people say that when they are granted this freedom, they become a swinger with the full intention of honoring their relationship with their partner and actually feel more committed to them as they share the experience of having sex with other people. The trust and honesty that develops for many couples during this process makes them fall more in love with the person they married. If you are afraid that if you become a swinger your marriage will fall apart, rest assured that these fears don’t have to come to fruition.

Going to a Swingers Party Can Turn Your Marriage into a Playground for Sexual Fantasies

As new relationships turn into old relationships, one of the things that most people miss was the excitement of trying new things in bed. Over time, we all tend to fall into routines and get stuck in sexual ruts, doing the same things over and over again. When you attend a swingers party together, it’s like turning your marriage into a playground where your sexual fantasies can come to life. If you’ve ever wanted to see your wife with another woman, or maybe have two women at the same time, or give a dude oral while you screw your wife, a swingers party is the perfect place to try any or all of those things. That will certainly break you out of your sexual rut! And once you go home together, recalling those events can be hot fodder for the sex the two of you have alone together.

Can a Swingers Party Help Your Relationship -2

Swingers Parties will Open Your Mind

Does Social Sex Work for Swinging?

If you’re considering going to a swingers party, but think you might be more comfortable hooking up with other swinging couples privately first, you may find yourself wondering, does social sex work for swingers? It totally does. And if you don’t want to take my word visit site for a in-depth review. If you’re hoping to find other couples to meet up with for some swinging adventures, this is a good way to go about finding like-minded people in your area. You might also be wondering, Does social sex work for finding swingers parties, too? It can, but in a more indirect way than it will work for finding individuals within the swingers community. Generally speaking, the swingers community is very cohesive and friendly, so if you meet couples in your area who are already involved with swinging, they will almost certainly be able to hook you up with the details for swingers parties nearby. In any event reading more, and learning if social sex, or other similar sites work well in the swinging community is always a good start.

Swingers Parties will Open Your Mind

Whether you decide to become a full-time swinger, or just attend a party once out of curiosity, you will see and experience all kinds of things that will open your mind. Anything that gets you to examine different points of view and new definitions for long held beliefs can serve as a catalyst to strengthen your marriage. (Good Read) If you decide that you and your partner are ready to redefine your marriage and incorporate swinging as a regular part of your lives, you will find that you are sexually fulfilled in ways that you never dreamed were possible while remaining in a relationship. You may also find that you and your partner get along better, have better sex, talk more often, and share more deeply. Because of the nature of the swingers community, it’s also likely that you and your spouse will form deep friendships with a lot of the people you swing with, and couples who have shared friendships statistically get along better and are happier. There are a lot of benefits to be gained from attending swingers parties, and most of the drawbacks that people associate with them can be prevented through clearly communicated expectations and sharing what you hope to get from the experience, as well as any fears you might have. It is vitally important that you and your partner are on the same page before you begin. Once you’ve taken care of these details, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy all of the pleasure that the swinging community has to offer. You’ll have mind blowing sex, tons of fun with great friends, and will reap the benefits of a strengthened marriage.

3 Ways To Choose A Startup That Can Make You Rich

Everyone wants to get rich, but some of them do not know where to start. The most common method to get rich is to have your own business. As easy as it sounds, running a business can be pretty tough. Also, instead of making money, you may end up with losses if you do not have a good business idea and if you do not know how to handle your employees. Anything can go wrong. You can take your chances and see where it will lead you. Or you may find another startup and join the wagon. Then again, it is not easy at all.

You have to pick the right startup. So how do you identify which startup to join? Here are three strategies that you can implement when looking for a startup to join:

Conventional Approach

First is the conventional approach. You simply check the products and services offered by the company. Check the market they are targeting as well as how they will finance the business. If this strategy is implemented properly, you increase your chances of getting rich.

 Conventional approach pays

Conventional approach pays

Backward Approach

The backward approach requires you to look for a team that has the same attitude as you. The strategy is built on the idea that companies are built by the people behind them and not through their products or services. Find a team of smart people, but make sure that they are not smarter than you. This is one way to avoid people who make mistakes whenever they are too excited. Go for a team that is composed of people who are open minded.

On the other hand, this approach makes you think like you are an employee, and not the employer. And if you are not the right person, you can easily decrease everyone’s odds of making a lot of money.

Go-Against-Your-Instinct Approach

In this approach you will look for a startup where you are not so comfortable with the people you work with. Also, the entrepreneur is someone who will not like you that much. Individuals who start their own companies typically hire people who they think like them. Then again, it is important for startups to get different perspectives. It is much better to have a team that is composed of people with different skills rather than one that is made of individuals who have the same professional, technical and educational backgrounds.

Make You Rich

Make You Rich

Working in a startup can make you rich through equity. It is a chance for you to work really hard not because of salary or benefits. If you want to improve the chances that your chosen startup will make you rich, make sure to do your research. Be diligent. You have to think like you are an employer. Finally, before you even start working in a startup, make sure that it has hired you.  

Introducing Your New Partner To Your Kids: Make It Easy

If you are a single parent, raising your kids is probably your topmost priority among others. Being both a mother and father to them is a very challenging experience. It is possible that your social life is very much affected by the amount of time you need to spend for your kids. In fact, your kids may already be too “clingy” and are demanding of your time, knowing that at their every whim you’ll come running for them in a flash.

Yet, meeting someone to create a lasting relationship with is something that is still in your wish list. For one, having someone to share your life’s ups and downs will be a great relief. To your mind, being a single parent lessens your chance of meeting someone that will accept you as you are, along with the kids that come with the package. So when you finally meet someone that you feel is right for you, introducing this person to your kids is such a dread.

Tips on introducing your new partner to your kids and grandkids

Tips on introducing your new partner to your kids and grandkids

How do you make the right introduction? Here are some suggestions:

1. Begin very light conversations about you going out with a person you like. Observe their reaction and pay attention to anything that they might object to.

2. While you’re on it, try talking about their friend’s mom or dad and observe what they admire in their friend’s parents. If they sound envious, then it’s a hint that they’re open to have another “parent” in the house someday.

3. Plan for a casual introduction of your boyfriend or girlfriend and your kids. A casual introduction will take the pressure off your kids to instantly adjust to the situation that is mostly experienced in a formal meeting. Examples would be a “pre-conceived” bumping on the park or in the grocery. A brief “kids, this is my friend” from you and a well-planned “why don’t I take you all for a pizza down the street” from your boyfriend or girlfriend will do just the trick.

4. Little by little, mention this person you are seeing to your kids in your everyday conversations. Don’t press on the idea that you are already serious with this person, but just give them the idea that you and this person is still getting to know each other. Give them the confidence that you are not being hasty in your decisions in trying to get serious right away with someone.

Ways to Introduce a New Partner to Your Kids After a Separation or Divorce

Ways to Introduce a New Partner to Your Kids After a Separation or Divorce

5. Finally, ask for their permission. You should always keep your kids part of your love equation. Their feelings should also matter to you. Learning to always keep them in the loop will help lessen the pressure of the tug-of-war you need to go through someday.

Investing in Real Estate: How to Manage and Control It

When people want to gain more money and get more profit, there are different ways and methods of how they can save their money wisely. Of course they can always save up their money at banks, but such investment isn’t very profiting and they can’t really expect getting loads of profit from this kind of investment. They can also participate in trading activities, but such investment is quite risky. Sure they may get lots of profits, but they are also dealing with bigger risks as well. If people want to have safe and solid investment, they can always invest their money in real estate.

Lots of people know that real estate investment is quite ideal and profitable, but the early set up and stage can be quite difficult and rather difficult. They may have to spend rather lots of money for the initial stage, but they can enjoy great benefits for longer terms. Another great thing about this real estate investment is that it is pretty solid and safe, and it is not easily affected by the economy and financial situation.

Comparing the Investment in Real Estate and Trading

When people want to invest their money, they can always compare services and different types of investments. As it was mentioned before, trading and stock exchange can be beneficial and profitable, but they pose bigger risks. However, when people are ready with the risks or they may be quite adept and skilled in the trading industry, trading and stock exchange can certainly bring faster and bigger result.

primarily in real estate

primarily in real estate

Real Estate Investment

The real estate investment comes in various kinds of forms. People can basically purchase a house and rent it out. Of course they are fully responsible for paying the mortgage and the overall cost of the total purchase, but when they are clever enough in managing their financial state, they won’t have problems at all. The money they have to spend for the house down payment and the monthly mortgage can be achieved from the monthly renting charge they get from people who rent the house. If they are smart and careful enough, the flow of incoming and outcome of money will run well and smoothly. Not only they will be able to get the house they want, they can also gain profit from the renting purpose.

Besides the renting, home owners can also sell out the house in order to get profits from the difference in money making in the process. This method, however, is quite difficult to achieve because people will have to wait for the right time before they can sell the house. It requires the right timing for purchasing as well as selling the house.

Deal Real Estate Investing

Deal Real Estate Investing

The Real Estate Risks

The real estate is certainly a very good and profitable investment. However, people need to remember that real estate investment also poses a certain risk as well. One of the biggest concerns in the real estate investment is the debt factor. People often forget about maintaining good cash flow in order to pay off the debts completely. When people want to maintain the right procedure and ways to pay off their debts, they need to find detailed information about the ways of maintaining the cash flow and the debts. It is possible for them to consult professional financial experts to help them deal with their issues and the right way to maintain the real estate arrangement.

Create Your Own Raw Green Smoothie In 4 Easy Steps

For those who are not fond of eating dark green vegetables are actually missing a lot. Raw green vegetables are considered nutrient powerhouses because of the amount of essential vitamins and minerals that it contains. They are rich in minerals that include magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron as well as vitamins B, E, C and K. They are rich sources of phytonutrients which protect our eyes and cell from damage and aging. They even contain trace amounts of Omega-3 fats which is good for the heart.

The single most important vitamin that one can get from dark greens would have to be Vitamin K. Eating dark green salads as well as consuming cooked greens will give nine times the recommended daily amount that most people don’t have. So that people and children will be encouraged to consume green leafy vegetables, you can make a smoothie which uses dark green vegetables as the main ingredient. Here are some quick tips to make a smoothie using dark green leafy vegetables.

First, only blend dark greens and water. If you want a dark green vegetable smoothie, add only dark greens, water and little fruits to enhance the taste. Don’t mix it with other vegetables that contain starch because it can ruin the solution. Some of the vegetables that contain starch include cabbage, beets, broccoli, potatoes and other root vegetables. You can instead add fruits like avocados, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Green Smoothie Revolution: How

Green Smoothie Revolution: How

Keep the smoothie that you are going to make as pure as possible. You may be tempted to add other ingredients to enhance the taste but don’t do it. The aim of making a dark green smoothie is to get as much as nutrients as you can from the dark green vegetables. Adding other ingredients aside from the ones mentioned might create a negative reaction and might spoil the taste of the smoothie.

The purpose of adding the fruits is to give time for your body to adjust. At first, you can use a 60-40 fruit-dark green ratio. Once you get used to the taste, you can gradually increase the amount of green vegetables used. You can go for the 50-50 ratio, then 40-30, 10-90 and finally 0-100 fruit-dark green vegetable ratio. Eventually you will have no trouble taking in pure green vegetable smoothie.

Don’t use the same set of green vegetables all the time. If you can, rotate the vegetables as ingredients so that you won’t get bored with the taste. There is also another reason to rotate the ingredients. Rotating the ingredients will protect you from getting unhealthy proportions of alkaloid.

Making a delicious smoothie

Making a delicious smoothie

Leafy and dark green vegetables are established sources of nutrients. You can get many vitamins and mineral from it. However, you can’t force yourself to eat these vegetables just for the sake of consuming it. You can get the nutrients that your body needs and at the same time enjoying eating dark green vegetables. You can do this by making a dark green smoothie which is both healthy and delicious.

You Don’t Have To Spend Your Paycheck

If you earn enough on the side, you won’t ever have to touch your 15th and 30th paycheck. Just leave them in your payroll bank to earn interest and build up your savings for a long holiday vacation to the Mediterranean within the next few months, and every year thereafter to other exotic places on earth. Moonlighting has often been resorted to by family members who can’t earn enough from their day jobs to make ends meet. But thanks to the Internet, how to make money on the side while keeping your day job can be fun, easy, and lucrative right in the privacy and comfort of your home or office.

Keep your day job

For many people, moonlighting in cyberspace can actually earn more for them than their day jobs and promptly resign. But don’t. A stable day job often comes with the perks you won’t get working online. Things like paid sick leave and vacation leaves, free life insurance, as well as health and medical coverage are just some of the few basic fringe benefits that companies provide their employees. Depending on your job, some will even provide you with a company car, a laptop and a cellphone. You could also be sent overseas on business or training. Perhaps more importantly, your day job provides the social outlet for you to interact with people face to face.

Don't start spending your

Don’t start spending your

A couple of side jobs you can take online

Be an article or academic writer online. With several clients who need articles in content marketing to search-optimize commercial websites, you can be a member of service bureaus that provide SEO content. If you have been writing quality reports in your day job, it shouldn’t be difficult extending this skill in online article writing. And if you can still recall how you went though writing your term papers, thesis and dissertations back in high school and college, there are countless foreign students from Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe who take higher education in the West but couldn’t write well. They will pay handsomely any competent writer who can complete their collegiate, masters and doctoral papers. You stand to earn anywhere from $100 to $200 a week writing for a few hours on weekdays and your weekends. Cumulatively, you could earn the equivalent of the monthly minimum wage in many states on top of your regular paycheck.

Did you know that you can simplify the clutter in your life by monetizing unused or old stuff at home? You won’t have to mount a garage sale. You just need to enroll yourself as a merchant in eBay or Craigslist and post old or unused toys, clothes, small appliances, books, DVDs, CDs and other items in good condition and which you can easily send to the buyer by parcel shipping once a sale is clinched. Some people with a collection of coins, stamps, rare memorabilia, die cast toy cars, and antiques often get a sure and regular income when disposing their collections one piece at a time online. Just post them with their pictures taken from your cellphone camera and see some money pour in from time to time or regularly.

How Can I Earn Some Pocket

How Can I Earn Some Pocket

There are many other online opportunities to earn money on the side without giving up your day job. To add to the two mentioned above, if you’re a java programmer or graphics designer, you have a large online market for your skill without leaving home. It’s often a matter of posting what you do best in social networks and creating your own blogs. Even the people you meet and interact with everyday in your day job can be a potential market for your moonlighting. That’s another good reason to keep your day job.